Attacking the King, 2nd edition

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Attacking the King, 2nd edition

John N. Walker, "Attacking the King, 2nd edition"
Everyman Publishers | 1996 | ISBN: 1857441273 | 173 pages | Djvu | 2 MB

Table of Contents
Notation viii
Some chess terms and expressions x
Beware the pointless check x»
1. The young lion 1
2. The value of pieces in battle 5
The power of the sacrifice in the king attack 10
Beware! When you sacrifice there is no turning back 16
Something is better than nothing 21
Winning is important. Play to win, not to be clever 25
Summary 29
3. Fire-power—the road to checkmate 30
Pieces need open lines to show their full fire-power 33
Space and open lines will appear when you control the centre 40
Summary 45
4. Snap mates—executing the prisoner king 46
Whenever your king is imprisoned, look out for a snap mate 47
Smothered mate 53
The back rank 56
Summary 62
5. Checkmate! 63
Checkmate in the opening 63
The king in the centre 64
The castled king 65
The Q-side castled king 74
Other mating positions 75
6. Attacking the king in the opening 78
In the opening you should be developing your pieces,
not attacking the king 78
The king hunt 80
f7, a target for attack 88
The temporary bishop sacrifice on f7 92
f7, Legal's Mate 95
The case of the missing f-pawn 96
The e-file, a line of attack 97
Summary 101
7. Catching the king in the centre 102
How to catch the king in the centre 105
The king has had to move 106
Castling is prevented by lack of development 108
The king's crossing square is attacked 110
The king has to remain in the centre to defend one of
his own pieces 113
Beware artificial castling 116
Beware the queen exchange 117
Summary 118
8. Attacking the castled king 119
Storming the castled position with pawns 123
Weakening the fortress 131
Sacrificing to dynamite the castle walls 142
Summary 147
9. Storming the fortress—castling on opposite wings 148
Speed is important 153
Command of the centre is the springboard for victory 154
Piece attacks are quicker than pawn attacks 157
Scattered pieces and a weakened fortress speed up a pawn storm 159
The pieces must be able to follow up a pawn storm quickly 162
Summary 165
Epilogue 166