What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

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What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?: Starting the Next Chapter of Your Life
by Dorothy Cantor, Andrea Thompson
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company 2002 | ISBN 0316127981 | Audio CD in M4A/233kbps + Workbook (PDF) | 892 Mb

A Very Advanced Course for Release Technique graduates only!
A six week course on 16 CDs, complete with a workbook and a partner to release with. This is an advanced course for Abundance Course graduates only.
Are you ready to go all the way to freedom* Are you ready to stop tolerating things in your life* Are you ready to take charge of your life and do what you truly love* If you are finally ready to really find the way, then this 8 tape series is for you. This advanced course works on the fear of dying and working on these deep, suppressed areas allows you to go very, very deep. And the wanting to be separate, which is a very deep hidden program.

What you will discover:
Discover how to have the life you truly love
Discover how to do only what you love
Enjoy a life free of worry and stress
Increase self confidence
Attain better relationships at work and home
Be the person you were always meant to be
Get clear on your goals and then reach them
Make the most of your life and have the freedom to choose
Get unstuck and move forward with a wonderful life
Get clear on the direction you should go in life
Take back your life and your power
Be in charge of your life, fully
Move beyond constant, frenetic doing
Lift the ceiling of your success once and for all
Resolve money issues and have financial abundance
Create the life you always wanted

Psychologist Cantor (Women in Power with Toni Bernay) presents middle-aged readers with a blank road map enabling them to chart a personal course for the succeeding chapters in their lives, whether they are 38 years old and looking to make a major career change or 68 and contemplating a retirement in which they can "develop a genuine occupation… because of an inherent, personal meaning, need, or calling." Noting that most advice manuals for people in the second half of their lives focus on finances and health, she points out that once her older clients in therapy took control of these two issues, they found they "hadn't planned in any way what they were going to do with their healthy bodies and comfortable bank accounts." Certainly, Cantor says, readers should revel in the "honeymoon" phase of transition between major life courses, though an extended honeymoon can bring on ennui or inertia, marring the later stage of life she believes can encompass the most freedom and options. With Thompson's (Material Fitness) capable assistance, Cantor deftly guides readers through a series of clear explanations and cogent exercises, including creating a "life inventory" of personal tendencies, likes and dislikes, and needs for optimal comfort, enjoyment and success, which will enable readers to formulate individualized plans for consciously moving into the next chapter of their lives. Agent, Marcy Posner, William Morris Agency. (Jan. 23) Forecast: Cantor will appear on national television talk shows and conduct a book-signing tour of New York; Dayton and Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta; and Vero Beach, Fla. With a strong publicity push to support this thoughftul and practical addition to the midlife category, booksellers should expect healthy sales.
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"…shows you the way to take stock of your life and map out plans for a future…" – Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady and author of Helping Yourself Help Others and Helping Someone with Mental Illness

"A remarkable, on-the-mark book for anyone twenty-five to eighty-five who is planning a job change or contemplating retirement." – Norine G. Johnson, Ph.D., president, American Psychological Association

"Dr. Cantor's calm and concrete suggestions ease the apprehension of change and help us be open to wonderful new experiences…" – Bill Bradley, former U.S. senator

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What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?