Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors and Patients

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Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors and Patients

Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors and Patients by Jimmy Kwok
English | 2017 | ISBN: 191107945X | 243 pages | EPUB | 9 MB

Dr Yoga's Practice Manual - Endorsed by world leading oncologists and yoga teachers. With guided sequences of three levels of difficulties, helping you to progress through your breast cancer journey into your recovery. Suitable as a tool for a home-based practice for breast cancer patients and survivors.

The gentle healing yoga flow sequence is specifically designed for breast cancer patients recovering from surgery or undergoing active treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The sequence is designed for those who want to alleviate the common side effects of these treatments, including fatigue, insomnia, muscular pain, lymphedema, anxiety and depression.

The rejuvenating yoga flow sequence is specifically designed for breast cancer patients who have completed all on-going medical treatments and are ready for a physically stronger, yet grounded yoga practice.

The dynamic yoga flow sequence is designed for breast cancer survivors who have worked through both the healing and rejuvenating sequences, and who are ready for a more dynamic and challenging practice.

10% of all our sales will be donated to Maggie's Cancer Centres in the UK.

Leading Endorsements:

Dr Mark Harries, Head of Medical Oncology and Consultant Breast Medical Oncologist , Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, UK: "I have seen the benefit that yoga can have for my breast cancer patients and I am delighted that Dr Kwok has put together this comprehensive and extremely readable guide. I think this will be of enormous help to people who are recovering from breast cancer."

Ms Fiona MacNeill, Consultant Breast Surgeon, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. President UK's Associate of Breast Surgery (2015-2017) "Regular exercise benefits everyone but especially women and men recovering from breast cancer treatments. Exercise should be easily incorporated into daily life, varied, fun, energizing and uplifting and Dr Kwok's book captures all of these elements."

Dr Alison Jones, Consultant Medical Oncologist, University College London, NHS Foundation Trust, UK- "I love this book; positive and empowering for patients friends and all"

Dr Greg Wilson, Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK - "As a specialist working daily with breast cancer patients enduring or recovering from difficult treatment programmes, I often recommend yoga as a way of maintaining fitness, increasing core muscular strength, decreasing stress levels, and helping sleep patterns. Dr Jimmy Kwok's "Yoga for breast cancer patients and survivors" is an easy-to-read guide for patients and their carers to take up this ancient art in a way that can help them, both physically and mentally, throughout their treatment and recovery time."

Dr Hendrik-Tobias, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Medical Director, Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK - "With increasing evidence that regular exercise improves cancer outcome, 'Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors and Patients' is a timely and wonderful yoga exercisebook which offers breast cancer patients practical day-to-day yoga techniques. Simple and clear instructions will make exercising easy, focused and fun".