Features and Management of the Pelvic Cancer Pain [Repost]

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Features and Management of the Pelvic Cancer Pain [Repost]

Marco Cascella - Features and Management of the Pelvic Cancer Pain
Published: 2016-07-13 | ISBN: 3319335863 | PDF | 192 pages | 2.57 MB

This book focuses on the features of pelvic pain in the different cancer diseases, the pain assessment tools, as well as the pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. Pelvic cancer pain is a common and debilitating symptom, and pain control is a one among the main therapeutic goals throughout the duration of the disease. Because pelvic cancer pain due to primitive cancer, recurrence or metastasis is a complex clinical pathology, no single technique is often guaranteed to produce a complete pain relief. Thus, there are many treatment options, but in most cases a correct approach to pain control should be provided by a multidisciplinary team under the responsibility of a pain specialist coordinating several professionals. This book will aid several figures of practitioners, like anesthesiologists, oncologists or surgeons, in making the correct decisions in individual patients affected by cancer pain due to pelvic diseases.

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