25 Major Pentatonic Scale Licks for Blues Guitar

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25 Major Pentatonic Scale Licks for Blues Guitar

25 Major Pentatonic Scale Licks for Blues Guitar by Joseph Alexander
English | 2012 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B009XTMOVW | 37 pages | EPUB | 0.89 Mb

-25 Major Pentatonic Blues Licks-
-Free Audio Examples Download from http://www.fundamental-changes.com -
-3 Quality Backing Tracks-

This book contains 25 new and original Major Pentatonic blues guitar licks. There are 5 licks for each of the 5 scale shapes shown below.

Each lick has a corresponding audio example which is available for free download (no strings attached!) Also included are 3, high quality backing tracks at different speeds to get you playing as soon as possible.

Also in this book there is a great section on how to practice these lines so they naturally incorporate into your playing.

This book came out of a need to develop great blues playing in many of my 40+ weekly private guitar students. Every line in this book has been tried and tested on private students who pay many multiples of the cost of this book. It’s all ‘good stuff’ and every line contained in these pages will teach you something about a different area of the guitar neck whilst teaching you some great lines to play.

Whether you play rock, jazz, or metal, blues is the root of all modern music so a fundamental understanding of its vocabulary is essential.

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