2d artist 2007 05 issue 017 highres

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2d artist 2007 05 issue 017 highres

2d artist 2007 05 issue 017 highres (the best digital artists)
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May 2007 Editorial:

2D digital art is currently growing at an amazing rate. Obviously, this has a lot to do with the growth of the digital market itself, but as the technology becomes less expensive, allowing the “home hobbiest” users to be able to afford tablets, faster and better computers, and more intuitive software, we see a huge number of artists taking up the digital lifestyle. We even see some hardened 3D’ers trying their hand. And why not, after all, some of the work we see daily is stunning. Will we look back in 100 years at the artists featured in this magazine and see them as the ‘pioneers’, or the original ‘masters’?… Only time will tell.

The three artist interviews this month have all got an opinion when it comes to the digital revolution. Some see it as purely another tool, some as a time saving device. There are those who see it as the gateway for a lot of artists to fulfil dreams, such as comic book artist wannabes who can now produce full-colour comic strips with the most basic of digital tools and software at home!

Whatever your opinion is, I think we all have to agree that the current state of the 2D CG industry is looking good. Directors have a current preference for digital matte paintings over 3D CG backgrounds; a trend which was so different only a few years ago, and if you need any more convincing, just look at the fantastic work in this months issue… Enjoy! Ed.


- Interview with Evan Shipard (Digital Matte Painter)
- Interview with Carl Critchlow (Fantasy World and Comic Book Veteran)
- Interview with Dan Scott (Freelance Artist for Clients WoW & DC Comics)
- Article: The Sketchbook of Khan Muftic A.K.A Chupacabra
- Article: Making Anime Essential Animation Skills
- Galleries
- Creating Your Own Set of Custom Brushes
- Tutorial: Speed Painting “A Ship Hit by a Torpedo”
- Tutorial: Sub-Surface Scattering The “Slightly Philosophical” Approach
- Tutorial: Colouring Line Drawings Ready for Print by David Revoy
- Making Of …