Galois Theory Through Exercises

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Galois Theory Through Exercises

Galois Theory Through Exercises (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) by Juliusz Brzeziński
English | 24 Apr. 2018 | ISBN: 3319723251 | 312 Pages | PDF (True) | 4.32 MB

This textbook offers a unique introduction to classical Galois theory through many concrete examples and exercises of varying difficulty (including computer-assisted exercises).
In addition to covering standard material, the book explores topics related to classical problems such as Galois’ theorem on solvable groups of polynomial equations of prime degrees, Nagell's proof of non-solvability by radicals of quintic equations, Tschirnhausen's transformations, lunes of Hippocrates, and Galois' resolvents. Topics related to open conjectures are also discussed, including exercises related to the inverse Galois problem and cyclotomic fields. The author presents proofs of theorems, historical comments and useful references alongside the exercises, providing readers with a well-rounded introduction to the subject and a gateway to further reading.