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Mathematical Modeling and Scale-up of Liquid Chromatography

Posted By: AvaxGenius
Mathematical Modeling and Scale-up of Liquid Chromatography

Mathematical Modeling and Scale-up of Liquid Chromatography by Tingyue Gu
English | PDF | 1995 | 139 Pages | ISBN : 3540588841 | 9.7 MB

Liquid chromatography has proved to be one of the most important tools for separations. Rapid development in biotechnology has increased the demand for chromatography in analytical, preparative and large scale applications. The understanding of the dynamics of chromatography is imperative for the scale-up. This book is a systematic treatment of the general rate models for various forms of liquid chromatography including adsorption, size exclusion, affinity, reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, and radial flow chromatography. Thermodynamic and mass transfer effects in liquid chromatography are discussed. Applications of computer programs for the rate models are described and the procedures for the scale-up of preparative- and large-scale liquid chromatography using the general rate models are given.
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