Reactive Programming with Swift

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Reactive Programming with Swift

Reactive Programming with Swift by Cecil Costa
English | Apr. 28, 2016 | ISBN: 1785884263 | 271 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

Leverage the power of the Functional Reactive Programming paradigm with Swift to develop robust iOS applications
About This Book
Build highly responsive applications with this practical introduction to Reactive programming
This book uses ReactiveCocoa, the most popular solution for Reactive Programming on iOS to install, debug, and develop a framework with Swift
Switch from the traditional programming style to the reactive paradigm to code your first reactive applications with ease
Who This Book Is For
Reactive Programming with Swift is for Swift developers who want to start making more powerful and efficient applications. You need a basic understanding of Swift to follow along. This book takes a first-principles approach to what Reactive Programming is and how you can start implementing it in your next iOS applications.
What You Will Learn
Switch your programming concepts from imperative to Functional reactive programming
Improve your app’s maintenance by developing with a different paradigm
Create unit tests and automation tests using the ReactiveCocoa framework
Create clear code that is very easy to read
Get accustomed to migrating mobile apps to the Reactive way of programming
Perform asynchronous calls and join them later
In Detail
Reactive programming helps you write applications that are more powerful and efficient. You can write more software, help more people, and create applications that scale. Reactive programming is a growing paradigm that we will help you set to work in Swift.
Reactive Programming with Swift guides you through migrating from the traditional way of developing to the new ReactiveCocoa framework, which uses Swift as its main programming language. You will learn how to develop with this framework, debug code, create unit tests, use additional frameworks, and convert a traditional framework into a ReactiveCocoa one.
Starting with a crash course on the fundamental concepts of Reactive programming, we’ll set you up so you’re ready to create reactive applications. We’ll then move on to topics such as Graphical events, Streaming, and Core data, which will help you dive deeper with advanced programming. The concept of switching your programming concepts from imperative to functional reactive programming will also be covered. By the end of this book, you will be able to successfully create highly functional apps using Swift.
Style and approach
This book is a fast-paced, practical guide compiled with ample images and screenshots that explain how to create apps and demonstrate their logic.