Chi kung in wing chun kung fu by Scott Baker

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Chi kung in wing chun kung fu by Scott Baker

Chi kung in wing chun kung fu by Scott Baker
Publisher: Scott Baker 2000 | 108 Pages | ISBN: n/a | PDF | 3.85 MB

Wing Choon Kuen originally was part and parcel of Shaolin’s Buddhist theoretical studies. It stressed mainly the formation of one’s personal character and ethics. Kuen Faat (martial techniques) was initially human’s imitation of the movements of animals and birds. After a long period of in-depth study and trails, those movements were arranged into a series of movements we call forms.

The original founder of the series of Wing Choon Kuen was an intelligent, innovative female disciple of Shaolin called Ng Mui Shi Tai. She studied diligently and humbly at Shaolin and eventually became one of the top Kungfu masters. The objectives of her martial techniques were not only to inculcate the high morality of the learner, but also to provide ample physical exercise for fitness and health, through a series of nimble movements. In addition to building up a strong and tough body physically, it also aimed to prevent diseases and defend oneself against any attack from wild animals.

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