Wendi Friesen's Body Builder [Audio Book]

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Wendi Friesen's Body Builder [Audio Book]

Wendi Friesen's Body Builder [Audio Book]
Wendi Friesen | ISBN: N/a | 2002 | MP3 | 37 Mb

Hypnotic Exercise- strength and muscle building hypnosis sessions
Power Programming- build strength into the cells and into the mind's muscle. You will actually increase the weight you lift the next time you workout.
Targeted muscle strengthening- specific cellular focus to grow muscle mass in one spot.
Strength and Mass- a hologram of the body is created that contains the future shape of muscles. This hologram contains specific information about the size that the body will become. The body will make adjustments to achieve the future growth of muscles creating cellular programming for the body to adapt to. This one also creates an optimum state of health and energy.
Love To Exercise- Feel motivated and excited about exercise. You will crave your next workout!
Deep Trance Training- To teach your brain to achieve a deep state of trance.
Sleep Programming- during the time that the body is regenerating cells you are implementing the cellular message to create maximum strength and size. Fall asleep to this track every night