Polysaccharide Materials: Performance by Design

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Polysaccharide Materials: Performance by Design

Polysaccharide Materials: Performance by Design By Kevin J. Edgar, Thomas Heinze, and Charles M. Buchanan (Eds.)
2009 | 294 Pages | ISBN: 0841269866 | PDF | 30 MB

Content: INTRODUCTION; POLYSACCHARIDE CHEMISTRY: FRONTIERS AND CHALLENGES; KEVIN J. EDGAR; 1. Polysaccharides in Oral Drug Delivery S Recent Applications and Future Perspectives; SANDRA KLEIN; 2. Building new drug delivery systems: in vitro and in vivo studies of drughydroxybutenyl cyclodextrin complexes; CHARLES M. BUCHANAN, NORMA L. BUCHANAN, KEVIN J. EDGAR, SANDRA KLEIN, JAMES L. LITTLE, MICHAEL G. RAMSEY, KAREN M. RUBLE, VINCENT J. WACHER, MICHAEL F. WEMPE; 3. High Throughput Screening Method for Determination of Equilibrium Drug solubility; NORMA L. BUCHANAN, CHARLES M. BUCHANAN; 4. Cellulose Nanocrystals for Drug Delivery; MAREN ROMAN, SHUPING DONG, ANJALI HIRANI, YONG WOO LEE; 5. Enhanced dissolution of poorly soluble drugs from solid dispersions in carboxymethylcellulose acetate butyrate matrices; MICHAEL C. SHELTON, JESSICA D. POSEY-DOWTY, LARRY LINGERFELT, SHANE K. KIRK, SANDRA KLEIN, KEVIN J. EDGAR; 6. Modification of cellulose in ionic liquids towards biomedical applications; T. LIEBERT, J. WOTSCHADLO, M. GERICKE, S. KOHLER, P. LAUDELEY, T. HEINZE; 7. Cellulose composites prepared using ionic liquids (ILS) S Blood compatibility to batteries; TAE-JOON PARK, SARAVANABABU MURUGESAN, ROBERT J. LINHARDT; 8. Green Composites Prepared from Cellulose Nanoparticles; JACOB D. GOODRICH, WILLIAM T. WINTER; 9. Versatile Concept for the Structure Design of Polysaccharide-based Nanoparticles; THOMAS HEINZE, STEPHANIE HORNIG; 10. Modified Galactoglucomannans from Forestry Waste-water for Films and Hydrogels; MARGARETHA SODERQVIST LINDBLAD, OLOF DAHLMAN, JOHN SJOBERG, ANN-CHRISTINE ALBERTSSON; 11. Synthesis of methylated cello-oligosaccharides; HIROSHI KAMITAKAHARA, FUMIAKI NAKATSUBO, DIETER KLEMM; 12. Direct Synthesis of Partially Substituted Cellulose Esters; KEVIN J. EDGAR; 13. Synthesis and properties of regioselectively substituted cellulose cinnamates; TETSUO KONDO, MASANORI YAMAMOTO, WAKAKO KASAI, MITSUHIRO MORITA; 14. Self-Assembling Bolaforms from Biorefinery Polysaccharides; JOSEPH J. BOZELL, NATHAN TICE, NIBEDITA SANYAL, SUNKYU PARK, THOMAS ELDER; 15. HR-MAS: The Other NMR Approach to Polysaccharide Solids; WILLIAM T. WINTER, DEANN BARNHART; INDEXES; AUTHOR INDEX; SUBJECT INDEX