"Agronomy: Climate Change & Food Security" ed. by Dr. Amanullah

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"Agronomy: Climate Change & Food Security" ed. by Dr. Amanullah

"Agronomy: Climate Change & Food Security" ed. by Dr. Amanullah
ITExLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1838812237 9781838812232 1838812229 9781838812225 1838812245 9781838812249 | 94 pages | PDF | 8 MB

With an emphasis on the goals of Zero Hunger and Climate Change, this volume examines sustainable agronomic practices to increase crop productivity and improve environmental health

Climate change is a serious threat to field crop production and food security. It has negative effects on food, water, and energy security due to change in weather patterns and extreme events such as floods, droughts, and heat waves, all of which reduce crop productivity. Over six chapters, this book presents a comprehensive picture of the importance of agronomy as it relates to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. .

1.Agronomy-Food Security-Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals
2.Factors Affecting Yield of Crops
3.Possible Impacts of Climate Change on Sunflower Yield in Turkey
4.Breeding for Biofortification Traits in Rice: Means to Eradicate Hidden Hunger
5.Directing for Higher Seed Production in Vegetables
6.Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Smart Farms

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