Captured by the Billionaire (The Complete Series Books 1-6)

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Captured by the Billionaire (The Complete Series Books 1-6)

Julia Sykes, "Captured by the Billionaire (The Complete Series Books 1-6)"
2012 | ASIN: B009HXH5EK | 152 pages | EPUB | 0,2 MB

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Despite having just graduated college with honors, twenty-two year old Mallory Williams finds herself unemployed and running out of savings fast. She wants to be a teacher, but with government cut-backs on education, not many schools are hiring. So when her best friend gets her a job with a catering company, Mallory reluctantly accepts the position. Her first assignment: serving at a swanky party at billionaire playboy Jake Cleary's mansion.

When Jake sees Mallory, he wants her immediately. Attractive and powerful, he is a man used to getting what he wants. But to his surprise, the beautiful young waitress spurns his advances, calling him an entitled spoiled brat. Jake is only further captivated by the challenge, and he pursues Mallory relentlessly. Despite herself, Mallory finds herself being pulled into Jake's world of opulence and kink as he skillfully seduces her into submission.

This collection includes the entire Captured by the Billionaire series: Pursued (Book 1), Captured (Book 2), Teased (Book 3), Bound (Book 4), Tested (Book 5), and Collared (Book 6).
Want more Jake and Mallory? Kept, a Captured by the Billionaire "bonus book" is now available!

This novel focuses on Mallory's introduction to the BDSM lifestyle, and therefore it contains scenes of a highly graphic nature.