A MANUAL TO PRACTICE THE KAMA YOGA: Yoga for Materializing the Inner Desires of Sex in a sacred way

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A MANUAL TO PRACTICE THE KAMA YOGA: Yoga for Materializing the Inner Desires of Sex in a sacred way

A MANUAL TO PRACTICE THE KAMA YOGA: Yoga for Materializing the Inner Desires of Sex in a sacred way by Arun Rajinth
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Kama” means Inner Desires, Inner Desires means Desire of experiencing the Inner Enjoyment on Sex and “Yoga” means to unite.
Kama Yoga is an art of science for practice to unite yourself, to experience the Inner Bliss of Your Nature, to fulfill the desire of Inner Enjoyment on Sex.
The Kama Yoga starts with self and ends at Sex.
What is Sex and Sacred Sex?
Sex- It’s an act take place between Men and Women for a purpose of Procreation and Enjoyment.
The difference between Normal Sex and Sacred Sex.
Normal Sex is a Sex for Procreation and external Enjoyment. If it is done properly it is GOOD.
Sacred Sex is a Sex for Internal Enjoyment with Inner Growth of Self .If it is done properly, it is Best
Applying the Kama Yoga on Sexual life, your sex became a sacred Sex.
Sex is a Process of Joining the Female Aspect of Female with Female Aspect of Male and Male Aspect of Male with Male Aspect of Female and sharing their respective strength (energies).
If you Practice Kama Yoga, you can easily join with you and, it makes easy to join with the Opposite Sex Partner. It makes to relate deeply and experience the Ultimate Bliss/ Ecstasy on Sex.
It makes your Sex as a Sacred One.
You will be taught here that how you should do the Sacred Sex.
You can feel a New Experience Daily on Your Bed.
What were taught in Kama Yoga?
In this course, we will see, what is the Purpose of life?
How the Life should be lived?
What is the Way to Live a Life with a Blissful Feel and Inner Awareness?
What is the Goal of human Beings?
Why the Men and Women are created differently?
What is the Purpose of having Sex?
What is the Love and Sex? Is it one or differ?
Why the Marriages /Divorces were made?
How to suit a Right Life Partner?
Further, in this course, we will see, what are the Steps involved in sex?
How the Steps can be done?
How the Male and Female getting a Bliss on doing that Steps?
Why they can’t feel bliss on each step?
What was Obstacle, Prevent to feel that?
How Can the Obstacle remove?
What is a Real Orgasm? How it can reached?
Everything in internally and externally by Procedure and Practice method.
What were the benefits of Kama Yoga?
By Studying Kama Yoga, You can Feel and Know Your Self, You Can Feel and Know about Sex, You Can Feel and Know Your Life.
Apart From this, the Benefits are
On Physical Level, You Feel Healthy Mind internally and externally.
On Emotional Level, You Can Make a Good Relationship with Your Sex and Opposite Sex People. You can easily find what the intension of the other People was by observing the Feel.
On Mental Level, You can Sign on your Profession Easily on Earning without any Mental Tension
On Spiritual Level, You can devote to Own GOD more deeply with a Perfect Spiritual Growth
Who can Practice it?
The people who were in family life have interested to make the Sex as a sacred one.
Kama Yoga Can used for also the People of Sanniyas (People not interested in Sexual Relationship with their Opposite Partner)
There is a Sex with the Universe, it’s called Cosmic Sex.
The Sex with the nature.
The Whole Universe have a Female n Male Part, by uniting with them, we can experience the Bliss as similar to experience the Bliss on Sex with the Partner.
The Saint and Monks were lived like this.
No one in this Universe cannot live without the Sex.
The ways were different, but all were doing Sex.
The difference between the Sex doing with partner and Cosmos is, on with partner it is deep rooted and with cosmos, it is broad rooted.
Every individual in the world is unique. Some may need deep same may need broad, and both needed also there.
They may choose their way according to their need.
Kama Yoga helps to do that
Because by uniting yourself you can easily unite to People (or) Universe and have an inner enjoyment by that you do a better Service for People.
People who were not yet married can also practice Kama Yoga
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