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How Tennis Strokes Work: The Untaught Laws that Define Proper Tennis Technique

Posted By: DZ123
How Tennis Strokes Work: The Untaught Laws that Define Proper Tennis Technique

Julius Gavin, "How Tennis Strokes Work: The Untaught Laws that Define Proper Tennis Technique"
English | 2022 | ASIN: B0B436HBPQ | EPUB | pages: 55 | 0.2 mb

This is the world's first perfect book on tennis technique.
If you're serious about learning tennis and you want to learn it as fast as possible then read this book, because you'll be saving years of your life and thousands of dollars.
What you're going to learn through this book will not only expedite your learning of this sport but equip you with simple, clear, easy-to-understand, and highly effective knowledge that even the world's top players and instructors are unaware of, because this is completely new and perfect instruction in the world of tennis.
The truth is that there is no exact and clear-cut tennis instruction. There are thousands of tennis instructors, systems, and programs in the entire world, but not a single one explains tennis strokes with a simple, clear list of principles that connect every single stroke. All other systematic attempts at creating or identifying perfect tennis instruction either fall short and oversimplify important technical concepts or are too extreme and going into biomechanics and physics. This is the first book in the world to strike the target on the dot and perfectly explain how strokes work.
The language and concepts in this book used to describe technical components are completely new inventions and is material that isn't taught anywhere else in the entire world. For example, you will learn a completely new, simple, and superior way of understanding grips rather than the traditional method of giving grips names like "western", "eastern", and "continental", that allows first-time players to acquire the correct grip for each stroke immediately.
Traditional tennis instruction is extremely allegory-oriented and involves a lot of metaphors, analogies, and hand-holding through each swing. Never does it get to the core components of what strokes are actually made out of, teach the laws that govern those components, and inspire a deep and immediate understanding of tennis technique. Because of this, every single stroke is treated like it's own completely separate topic when they're aren't.
Furthermore, the vast majority of people have the limiting beliefs that you need natural talent, coordination, athleticism, and to start young in order to learn tennis. I've taught players ranging from 14 year old high-schoolers and 28 year old adults with full-time careers tennis in less than 120 hours. How fast you learn tennis is up to you, but through my instruction, you will learn extremely fast. Additionally, every single stroke only has one moment of impact. Nobody's born learning these, which means that natural coordination is complete nonsense. You need an instructor.
With the knowledge in this book, I've been able to teach complete beginners how to hit backhands in less than 2 minutes and how to volley with perfect technique in less than 40 seconds. These are strokes that other players spend years trying to even learn when the truth is that with the correct instruction, you can acquire them instantaneously. It's for this reason that I carry great pride in releasing this book as an opportunity for new players to learn what I wish I knew years ago.
Whether or not you're a recreational player, a professional player, or a professional instructor, you will benefit extremely from reading this book.