"Biofuels: Economy, Environment and Sustainability" ed. by Zhen Fang

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"Biofuels: Economy, Environment and Sustainability" ed. by Zhen Fang

"Biofuels: Economy, Environment and Sustainability" ed. by Zhen Fang
InTeOp | 2013 | ISBN: 535109502 9789535109501 | 394 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book overviews social, economic, environmental and sustainable issues by the use of biofuels written by professionals. It should be of interest for students, researchers, scientists and technologists in biofuels.

Section 1 Feedstocks
1 Land Use Change Impacts of Biofuels: A Methodology to Evaluate Biofuel Sustainability
2 Tropical Agricultural Production, Conservation and Carbon Sequesteration Conflicts: Oil Palm Expansion in South East Asia
3 The Drivers Behind the Rapid Expansion of Genetically Modified Soya Production into the Chaco Region of Argentina
4 Integration of Farm Fossil Fuel Use with Local Scale Assessments of Biofuel Feedstock Production in Canada
5 The Possibility of Future Biofuels Production Using Waste Carbon Dioxide and Solar Energy
6 Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia: The Implications for Migration, Settlement/Resettlement and Local Economic Development
Section 2 Biofuels
7 The Need for Integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis of Biofuel Supply Chains
8 The Logistics of Bioenergy Routes for Heat and Power
9 Sustainable Multipurpose Biorefineries for Third-Generation Biofuels and Value-Added Co-Products
Section 3 Environment
10 Environmental Considerations About the Life Cycle of Biofuels
11 Environmental Assessment of a Forest Derived "Drop-in' Biofuel
12 Evaluation of Gaseous Emission in the Use of Biofuels in Brazil
13 Biofuels in Brazil in the Context of South America Energy Policy
14 Vehicle Emissions: What Will Change with Use of Biofuel?
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