Core Transformation I

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Core Transformation I

Core Transformation I
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The Core Transformation workshop is in my opinion the most profound development in the evolution of the Quantum-Touch, and was the latest in a series of life shocks that have characterized my journey with Quantum-Touch. When I was learning CT, I tried unsuccessfully to balance a woman’s hips that were massively twisted and very far out of alignment. Then, with Alain's guidance and while keeping her hips in my mind in a special way, I was able to open myself sufficiently that when I checked her hips a minute or two later, they had become completely untwisted and level. (All this happened without even touching her!). The realization is that when you transform yourself, your world changes around you. I highly recommend the CT videos to anyone who wishes to learn this valuable skill and to those who have already taken the workshop for purposes of review.

Melting and Unraveling
by Alain Herriott

This class was originally created in order to answer three questions that were often asked in the Supercharging QT workshops.

How can I work on myself as easily as I work on others?
Why does the pain in my clients sometimes come back?
How can I perceive into structure (see into others) in order to be more effective with my healing work?

The Core Transformation class, with a little practice, answers all these questions and a great deal more. The Core Transformation class is really the other side of the "entrainment" process in Quantum-Touch. The Basic and Supercharging techniques work with the sweeping and breathing to amplify our vibration and offer the energy through us to create a result. In contrast, in the Core Transformation we work on ourselves through what we call the "core" breath to create an amazingly quiet and opening experience within. The "quieter" we make our system, the more we can affect others and ourselves. Within this system, whatever we touch becomes "us." This means that as we work on ourselves we are working on those we touch. This technique also works well long distance. People say that with this touch it feels like the areas of disharmony are melting and or unraveling.

Core Transformation I

Core Transformation I

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