Christopher Henry Perkins - Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2008

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Christopher Henry Perkins - Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2008

Christopher Henry Perkins - Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2008
Rotographic Publications | 2007 | ISBN: 0948964766 | Pages: 140 | PDF | 1.14 MB

This is “Collectors’ Coins Great Britain 2008”. If this is your first CCGB then
welcome to the best value and possibly most comprehensive British coin book
covering British coins from the industrial revolution to the present day. If you
already own a previous edition, then thanks very much indeed for your continued
Readers who own the last (34th) edition will notice right away that this edition is
a lot more colourful inside! Coloured alternate bands have been used in the price
listings to make it easier to read. The font has also been changed to something a
bit more modern and hopefully easier on the eye.
The contents have also been spaced out a bit better, as it was felt that certain
sections were a bit squashed in the previous edition. As a result of that and the
addition of gold coins last year, this book is now over 140 pages, which is more
than 50% larger than the first edition I was responsible for in late 2004! Other
publishers would charge 50% more money for 50% more paper, but the whole
idea of this book is to make it as accessible as possible. The retail price of the book
has been increased by just £1. I hope you’ll agree that it’s more than fair considering
the improvements that have been made to the book over the last few years.
As ever, if you as a reader feel something else could be improved or even if there
is something you don’t like about this book, please feel free to visit the website,
or call the number at the front to have your say. I want to try to ensure that
this book evolves and gets better every year, and I’m grateful for any kind of
Good luck with your collection or your price research.
Chris Perkins, September 2007
Thanks to original uploader!

Christopher Henry Perkins - Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2008

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