Cyndi Banks - Women in Prison: A Reference Handbook

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Cyndi Banks - Women in Prison: A Reference Handbook

Cyndi Banks - Women in Prison: A Reference Handbook
ABC-CLIO | 2003 | ISBN: 1576079295 | Pages: 227 | PDF | 5.25 MB

A concise survey of the treatment of jailed women in America since the early 1800s, their unique problems, the effect on their families, and the state of prisons today. Except for lurid exploitation movies, incarcerated women are ignored by society. Yet because of mandatory sentences and "three strikes" legislation their number is growing rapidly. What's more, everything is complicated by the fact that the prisoners are also mothers and family caregivers. This new book takes readers behind the bars. Focusing on an often-overlooked subject, this volume explores women's incarceration, from the first women-only prison to modern state-of-the-art facilities. It explores controversies, problems, and solutions, such as excessive discipline, the lack of training programs, sexual abuse, medical services, and visitation policies. The book also investigates key issues such as the background of inmates, the disproportionate number of African American prisoners because of the "war on drugs", and how women cope with the separation from their children and families. A full chapter is devoted to important people and events, from the first female jail keeper in 1822 to changing prison goals and the impact of feminism.

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Cyndi Banks - Women in Prison: A Reference Handbook

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