Exploring the Roots of Religion [repost]

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Exploring the Roots of Religion [repost]

Exploring the Roots of Religion
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Stonehenge. Machu Picchu. The Acropolis. The Great Pyramids at Giza. Sites such as these have captivated the world for centuries—even millennia—since their creation. They are works of great beauty whose construction required spectacular feats of engineering, involved the efforts of hundreds of thousands of individuals, and incurred a tremendous financial cost on the civilizations that created them.

But why were these massive sites created? What impulse drove ancient cultures to devote such time and labor into these projects? Why are we so transfixed by their presence today? And what do these and other mysterious sites reveal about our ancestors—and about humanity as a whole?

The answer to these and other eternal questions is the dynamic force of religious belief. Religion, in its many forms, is among the most powerful of all human impulses. The philosophical and intellectual side of religious practice is well studied—but religion also manifests itself physically. From cave art to intricate burial chambers to grand hilltop temples, the material expression of spirituality is less understood but offers equally deep insights into why humans believe in something larger than themselves.

Now you can experience the thrill of discovery and learn the sacred secrets behind some of the world's most popular and mysterious ancient locales with Exploring the Roots of Religion. In 36 riveting and insightful lectures taught by award-winning Professor John R. Hale—a practicing archaeologist and masterful storyteller—you dig through the earth and learn how sacred buildings, complexes, tomb structures, artwork, and more have provided us with unparalleled knowledge about the varieties of early spiritual experience around the world. It's an experience that will add new levels of understanding to your knowledge of ancient history and especially to the integral role that religion played in some of these grand civilizations.

1 The Roots of Religious Experience
2 Neanderthal Burials at Shanidar
3 Hunting Magic in Sacred Caves
4 Myths of the Shaman
5 Realm of the Mother Goddess
6 Mysteries of the Megaliths
7 Towers and Tombs of Sumeria
8 Tomb of the First Emperor of China
9 Feasting with the Dead at Petra
10 Druid Sacrifice at Lindow Moss?
11 Honoring Ancestors in Ancient Ohio
12 A Viking Queen Sails to Eternity
13 Dancing with Bulls at Knossos
14 Oracle Bones in Ancient China
15 Sun and Sexuality in Early Scandinavia
16 Apollo Speaks at Klaros
17 Chalice of Blood in Ancient Peru
18 Decoding Rituals at Palenque
19 Temple of the Goddess on Malta
20 The Aten—Monotheism in Egypt
21 Deities of the Acropolis
22 Gods and Pyramids at Teotihuacan
23 Sacred City on the Mississippi
24 Sun and Shadow at Machu Picchu
25 Celestial Gateway at Giza
26 Cosmic Hub at Stonehenge
27 Desert Lines at Nazca
28 Skywatchers at Chaco Canyon
29 Mountain of the Gods at Angkor
30 The Stone Heads of Easter Island
31 Tending Zoroaster's Sacred Fire in Iran
32 Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran
33 Taking Religions Underground at Rome
34 Forging Iron at Jenne-jeno on the Niger
35 Carving Monasteries at Ajanta in India
36 Faiths Lost and Found

Exploring the Roots of Religion [repost]

Exploring the Roots of Religion [repost]

Exploring the Roots of Religion [repost]

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