"The Health of Nations: Society and Law beyond the State" by Philip Allott

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  "The Health of Nations: Society and Law beyond the State" by Philip Allott

"The Health of Nations: Society and Law beyond the State" by Philip Allott
Саmbridgе University Press | 2004 | ISBN: 0521816556 9780521816557 9780511042645 0521016800 0511030541 | 454 pages | PDF/epub | 2/1 MB

This book recalls the traditional social structures to study and develop ways to meet the current urgent global challenges.

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Globalization has become so familiar that it's the target even of street demonstrations from Seattle to Genoa. It challenges traditional social structures, as international systems (such as the European Union, the WTO or the global capital markets) become more powerful than states and governments.

Preface page
I. Society and law
1. The will to know and the will to power. Theory and moral responsibility
2. The phenomenon of law
I. Making sense of the law. Lawyers and legal philosophy
II. The emerging universal legal system. The law of all laws
III. Deliver us from social evil. International criminal law and moral order
3. Globalisation from above. Actualising the ideal through law
4. The nation as mind politic. The making of the public mind
5. New Enlightenment. The public mind of all-humanity
II. European society and its law
6. European governance and the re-branding ofdemocracy
7. The crisis of European constitutionalism. Reflections on a half-revolution
8. The concept of European Union. Imagining the unimagined
9. The conversation that we are. The seven lamps of European unity
III. International society and its law
10. The concept of international law
11. International law and the idea of history
12. Intergovernmental societies and the idea of constitutionalism
13. International law and the international Hofmafia. Towards a sociology of diplomacy
14. International law and international revolution. Reconceiving the world
Index of names
Index of subjects

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