Hsing-I Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 2: Water Fist

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Hsing-I Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 2: Water Fist

Hsing-I Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 2: Water Fist
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This training program teaches the fundamentals of the water fist of hsing-i chuan, also known as tsuan chuan or drilling fist. The physical motion of tsuan chuan goes from down to up and uses peng, an expansive internal energy. The internal pressures that tsuan chuan generates within the body during execution of the technique, in addition to its basic chi work, directly and positively affect the kidneys and the whole vitality of the body. Tsuan chuan is represented by the water element, and focuses on making the hands able to move around an opponent's arms like water moves around a rock.

DVD 1:
The three kinds of internal martial arts
Hsing-i is composed of 2 concepts
Five elements and the five fists
A review of the Metal Elementi
Introduction to the Water and Wood Elements
Important Metal Element Principles Related to San Ti or Holding Pi Chuan
The Metal Element overview
Metal Element refined with hsing-i principles
Recognize Real and False Energy
Hsing-i Preferences
Shock, Gapping, Hesitation & Paralysis

DVD 2:
Basic Principles (kidneys, knees, spine and health; sound and emotion; sound warfare; psychic sound and sensation)
Movement Qualities of the Water Fist: Down Causes Up
Kidneys and Awareness, Fear-Depression and Courage
Take Shock on the Back of your Forearm
How to Make a Hsing-Ii fist:Twisting and Eagle Claw
What is Spiraling and Twisting?
Aspects of Drilling
Static and Moving Strength are Different
Strong and Weak Angles
Go to Where Strength is Not
Fist Comes up the Centerline and Learn to Evenly Twist and Not Freeze
Principles of Centerline Control and Movement
Useable Power and Angle Changing
What Drives Hsing-i’s Twisting and Internal Power

DVD 3:
Regarding the Hand Movements
Technical Points
Battlefield and Bodyguard Arts Differ
Technique: Hands Going Out and Returning
Finer Details Regarding the Hand Movements
Lock Chi in your Lower Tantien
Close Range Fighting Considerations
Safe 2 Person Head Shot Exercise
More points regarding Hsing-i
Small Medium and Big Style Internal Martial Arts
Safety Precaution: Initially Twist the Arms First and Legs Later to Protect your Back

DVD 4:
Descending Hand Martial Considerations:
Negotiating 2 Centerlines: Your Waist and a Sphere
Intersecting and Contact
Hsing-i Never Retreats and Defeating Anxiety
4-Part Footwork Stepping Sequence
One Hand Goes Down as the Other Goes Up
80% close and 20% open
Precise Hand Movement in 4 Parts

DVD 5:
Up and Down Internal Movement: Find and Feel the Cable
Hsing-i does not do snapping punches
Single, Double and Triple Impact Strikes
Functions of Front Foot Stepping
Worm Walking and Fa Jin
Waist Turns Both Ways
Importance of Connection
Four Critical Points to Connect in the Water Fist

DVD 6:
Differing Degrees of Hand Height and Waist Turn
Follow and Stop Punches in Hsing-i
Large Style Water Fist
Partner Exercise: See and Track the Opponent
Essential Points and Common Errors
Why Hsing-i Only has Few Physical Movements
Water Fist Turn Around
Technical Points: Edge of Hand and Protect Occiput
Martial Arts Morality

Volume 1 here:

Hsing-I Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 2: Water Fist

Hsing-I Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 2: Water Fist

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