"Heat Transfer Phenomena and Applications" ed. by Salim N. Kazi

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"Heat Transfer Phenomena and Applications" ed. by Salim N. Kazi

"Heat Transfer Phenomena and Applications" ed. by Salim N. Kazi
Second Edition
ITAvE | 2015 | ISBN: 9535108158 9789535108153 | 381 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Study of heat transfer phenomena and applications are equally emphasized in this issue. Methodology of calculations in some application areas are incorporated in this book, such as differential analysis of heat recoveries with CFD in a tube bank, heating and ventilation of equipment and methods for analytical solution of nonlinear problems.

Heat transfer calculations in different aspects of engineering applications are essential to aid engineering design of heat exchanging equipment. Minimizing of computational time is a challenging task faced by researchers and users.
Numerical analysis is the prerequisite of design and for the manufacture of heat exchanging equipment. Some numerical and experimental information are presented with utmost skill. Similarly, the analytical solution of heat transfer is touched in this book.

Section 1 Heat Transfer Calculations
1 Methodology to Calculate Boundary Conditions in a Single Isolated Helically Segmented Finned Tube Module
2 Calculation Methods for Heating and Ventilation System of Electrical Machines
3 Homotopy Perturbation Method to Solve Heat Conduction Equation
Section 2 Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer
4 Numerical Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Energy Partition and Heat Transfer in Grinding
5 3-D Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Biomedical Applications
6 Developing 1-Dimensional Transient Heat Transfer Axi-Symmetric MM to Predict the Hardness, Determination LHP and to Study the Effect of Radius on E-LHP of Industrial Quenched Steel Bar
7 Computer Simulation of Thermal Processing for Food
Section 3 Analytical Solution of Heat Transfer
8 Analytical Solutions to 3-D Bioheat Transfer Problems with or without Phase Change
9 Stochastic Analysis of Heat Conduction and Thermal Stresses in Solids: A Review
10 The Effects of Hall and Joule Currents and Variable Properties on an Unsteady MHD Laminar Convective Flow Over a Porous Rotating Disk with Viscous Dissipation
Section 4 Heat Transfer Applications
11 Thermal Interaction Between a Human Body and a Vehicle Cabin
12 Entropy Generation Analysis of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) with a Fermat Spiral as a Flow Distributor
13 Non-lsothermal Spontaneous Imbibition Process Including Condensation Effects and Variable Surface Tension
14 The Effects of Power Characteristics on the Heat Transfer Process in Various Types of Motionless Mixing Devices
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