"Hydraulic Conductivity: Issues, Determination and Applications" ed. by Lakshmanan Elango

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"Hydraulic Conductivity: Issues, Determination and Applications" ed. by Lakshmanan Elango

"Hydraulic Conductivity: Issues, Determination and Applications" ed. by Lakshmanan Elango
Second Edition
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9533072881 9789533072883 | 445 pages | PDF | 43 MB

This book presents comprehensive reviews of new measurements and numerical techniques for estimating hydraulic conductivity. This is achieved by the chapters written by various experts in this field of research into a number of clustered themes covering different aspects of hydraulic conductivity.

The sections in the book are: Hydraulic conductivity and its importance, Hydraulic conductivity and plant systems, Determination by mathematical and laboratory methods, Determination by field techniques and Modelling and hydraulic conductivity.
Each sections of the book includes chapters highlighting the salient aspects and most of these chapters explain the facts with the help of some case studies.

Part 1 Hydraulic Conductivity and Its Importance
1 Role of Hydraulic Conductivity on Surface and Groundwater Interaction in Wetlands
2 Dynamics of Hydraulic Properties of Puddled Soils
3 Variation in Hydraulic Conductivity by the Mobility of Heavy Metals in a Compacted Residual Soil
4 Evaluation of Cover Systems for the Remediation of Mineral Wastes
Part 2 Hydraulic Conductivity and Plant Systems
5 Plant and Soil as Hydraulic Systems
6 Plant Hydraulic Conductivity: The Aquaporins Contribution
7 Impacts of Wildfire Severity on Hydraulic Conductivity in Forest, Woodland, and Grassland Soils
Part 3 Determination by Mathematical and Laboratory Methods
8 Estimating Hydraulic Conductivity Using Pedotransfer Functions
9 Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity Based on (Soil) - Moisture Content of Fine Grained Soils
10 Determining Hydraulic Conductivity from Soil Characteristics with Applications for Modelling Stream Discharge in Forest Catchments
11 Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Richards' Equation with Discussions on Relative Hydraulic Conductivity
Part 4 Determination by Field Techniques
12 Instrumentation for Measurement of Laboratory and In-Situ Soil Hydraulic Conductivity Properties
13 Contribution of Tracers for Understanding the Hydrodynamics of Karstic Aquifers Crossed by Allogenic Rivers, Spain
14 Estimating Hydraulic Conductivity of Highly Disturbed Clastic Rocks in Taiwan
15 Field Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Rocks
16 Electrokinetic Techniques for the Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity
17 Contribution of Seismic and Acoustic Methods to Reservoir Model Building
Part 5 Modelling and Hydraulic Conductivity
18 Effects of Model Layer Simplification Using Composite Hydraulic Properties
19 The Role of Hydraulic Conductivity in Modeling the Movement of Water and Solutes in Soil Under Drip Irrigation
20 Simulation of Water and Contaminant Transport Through Vadose Zone - Redistribution System
21 Measurement and Modeling of Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity
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