Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson - Hypnotic Selling Tools

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Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson - Hypnotic Selling Tools

Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson - Hypnotic Selling Tools
PDF | 68 pages | ISBN: n/a | English | 0.1 MB

Receive 1739 proven to be effective hypnotic words, phrases and sentences you can use today to instantly make your material hypnotic.

By reading this powerful ebook you will quickly:

Learn 800 hypnotic sentence starters that will bypass your prospect's conscious mind and persuade their subconscious mind to order your product.

Uncover 440 mesmerizing copy connectors that will release the floodgates of your prospect's mind and lead them straight to your order page.

Possess 60 subconscious openers that will crack open your prospect's subconscious mind and make them receptive to your suggestions.

Own 25 seductive story starters that will pull your prospects directly into your sales letter.

Discover 131 embedded commands and benefits that will be persuasive and totally invisible to your prospects!

Know 21 psychic influences that will telepathically penetrate your prospect's mind over the Internet!

Hold 19 sensory persuaders that will give convincing proof to anything you write!

Learn 12 'unforeseen' closes that will mysteriously close each sell without your prospects realizing it!

Extract 16 penetrating P.S.'s that will help loosen your prospect's mental buying defenses and give them confidence in purchasing!

Unearth 160 mind opening questions that will automatically unlock your prospect's brain and trigger persuasive, mental movies!

Find out 20 unorthodox suggestions that will influence your prospect's mind to absorb and believe your information!

Use 25 forbidden benefits that will condition your prospect's to persuade themselves to buy!

Master 10 emotional triggers that will arouse your prospect's inner buying feelings!

And be gloriously RICH!