Illustrator 2020-21: Drawing & Reshaping tools MasterClass

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Illustrator 2020-21: Drawing & Reshaping tools MasterClass

Illustrator 2020-21: Drawing & Reshaping tools MasterClass
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Learn everything about Illustrator's Drawing and Reshaping tools with detailed explanations and demonstrations.

What you'll learn
Pretty much everything about Adobe Illustrator's Drawing & Reshaping tools
Including the basic and advanced functions
Lesser known and hidden features of the tools
To the point videos with detailed and complete explanations
Handy tips and tricks to speed up your workflow

You should have some basic knowledge of the Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator offers a variety of Drawing and Reshaping tools that make our lives much easier as designers. BUT oftentimes, only a few of them get the attention and the rest of the tools get ignored.

It mostly happens when someone gets started with the Illustrator, they jump right into the most popular tools first and get accustomed to a typical workflow that involves only the use of a specific set of tools.

This approach works against the beginners and becomes a pitfall for them. Limiting yourself to a limited set of tools kinda blocks your way to the opportunity of exploring more tools that might look so simple but could potentially save you a tons of time and effort. BUT don’t worry, as it is pretty common for a newbie to get into the troubles like these.

In this MasterClass, we will understand how some very simple tools can be used in a different way to perform a task that is rather unique than what they are typically used for. We will go through each and every tool in detail, from Start to Finish. We will discuss about their basic and advanced functions, hidden features and Tips ‘n’ Tricks with proper explanation.

Who this course is for:
This course starts from very basics, so the beginners will get the most benefit out of this course, BUT anyone who is looking for a proper explanation of Illustrator's Drawing & Reshaping tools can also take this course.