"Integration of Renewables: Status and challengesin China" by Kat Cheung

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"Integration of Renewables: Status and challengesin China" by Kat Cheung

"Integration of Renewables: Status and challengesin China" by Kat Cheung
IEA Energy Papers
OECD, IEA | May 2011 | ISBN: n/a | 34 pages | PDF | 1 MB

This Work gives an overview of the status and challenges of integrating an increasing share of variable renewables in China, with a focus on areas of generation, power transmission, demand-side management and policy.

Some of areas are intertwined with the nature and design of China’s electricity power market and pricing mechanism, which have an impact on the effectiveness of the country’s targets to accommodate larger shares of renewables.

Table of Contents
Regional electricity transmission
Flexible generation and storage
Flexible generation
Challenges of nationwide dispatch
Testing a new approach to preferential dispatch
Demand-side management and storage
Demand-side management
Electricity storage
Policies and standards
List of figures
Figure 1. Electricity consumption in China, 2000‐35
Figure 2. Electricity generation capacity and production in China, 2009
Figure 3. Total installed wind capacity in China
Figure 4. Current installed wind capacity by province 2009 (MW)
Figure 5. Third national survey of onshore wind resources
Figure 6. Regional power grid clusters in China
Figure 7. Planned interconnection of regional power grids in China
Figure 8. Distribution of hydropower in China’s six regional grids
Figure 9. Monthly electricity consumption in China, 2008 and 2009
Figure 10. Electricity pricing mechanism in China
List of tables
Table 1. Power transmission grids: planned, under construction or operating
Table 2. Summary of ongoing initiatives
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