Laurel and Associates - Spelling Steps 3

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Laurel and Associates - Spelling Steps 3

Laurel and Associates - Spelling Steps 3
Saddleback | 2006 | ISBN: 1562541463 | Pages: 173 | PDF | 1.24 MB

Spelling Steps teaches students to spell the words they need for life
situations. The vocabulary is drawn largely from a list developed from an
analysis of adult reading materials including newspapers, magazines,
novels, scientific journals, and other media.
The four-binder spelling program is based on a careful plan for
teaching spelling skills. It ensures that students not only learn to spell
the vocabulary words presented, but also master the skills needed to
learn to spell new words in the future.
Each student progresses through the program at his or her own rate.
Students may grade their own lesson tests and record their scores. This
method is recommended for older students and independent study.
Each unit concludes with a review lesson and a unit test. The format
for unit tests is left open so that teachers may adapt the test to the needs
of each student. The teacher may select which words to include and may
determine the length and style of the unit test.
Spelling Steps includes a wide variety of learning activities designed to
reinforce and extend spelling skills. Attention is given to providing learning
activities that are of interest to middle, secondary, and adult students.
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Laurel and Associates - Spelling Steps 3

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