Leadership and Success in Organizations, Culture, & Ethics

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Leadership and Success in Organizations, Culture, & Ethics

Leadership and Success in Organizations, Culture, & Ethics
by Marcus O. Durham, PhD, Robert A. Durham, PhD, Rosemary Durham

Dream Point Publishers | 2006 | ISBN: 978097193245X | Pages: 186 | PDF | 1.41 MB

How vast is the topic of Leadership & Success? How can you benefit from skills in leadership? Can there be success without leadership in some area? Are the principles and practices the same for an individual, a group, or a society? Is this a topic that can be taught or is it something that is innate? Are the principles global? How do you define leadership? What is success?

The topic is too broad for a single book. The series of three volumes is structured on the three areas of leadership involvement and is arranged in the order in which you, as a leader, can have the most impact: people, organizations, and society. Each group of topics has the ingredients that will impact your success as a leader.

The first volume, on relationships and communication, deals with personal or internal actions. The second, on organizations, culture, and ethics, is about group or horizontal interactions. The third, on economics, law, and technology, looks at society or external influences.

How is the best way to use the series? The books are structured for seminars and personal study. Although the combination of books makes an excellent text for technical and engineering management courses or executive development programs, they are beneficial to anyone desiring to improve skills.

Group or horizontal interactions

The second book in the series, on organizations, culture, and ethics, deals with the makeup of a venture or association. These chapters are primarily oriented toward optimizing the performance within a group that may be global.



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