"Magnetic Nanoparticles: From Fabrication to Clinical Applications" ed. by Nguyen T. K. Thanh

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"Magnetic Nanoparticles: From Fabrication to Clinical Applications" ed. by Nguyen T. K. Thanh

"Magnetic Nanoparticles: From Fabrication to Clinical Applications" ed. by Nguyen T. K. Thanh
T&F CRC | 2012 | ISBN: 1439869332 | 603 pages | PDF | 123 MB

This volume provides a comprehensive review, from synthesis, characterization, and biofunctionalization to clinical applications of MNPs, including the diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

This book, written by some of the most qualified experts in the field, not only fills a hole in the literature, but also bridges the gaps between all the different areas in this field.
Translational research on tailored magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications spans a variety of disciplines, and putting together the most significant advances into a practical format is a challenging task.
Balancing clinical applications with the underlying theory and foundational science behind these new discoveries, the book supplies a toolbox of solutions and ideas for scientists in the field and for young researchers interested in magnetic nanoparticles.

Chapter 1: Structure and Magnetism in Magnetic Nanoparticles
Chapter 2: Synthesis and Characterisation of Iron Oxide Ferrite Nanoparticles and Ferrite-Based Aqueous Fluids
Chapter 3: Protein Cage Magnetic Nanoparticles: Inspiration, Synthesis and Biomedical Utility
Chapter 4: Next Generation Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
Chapter 5: Strategies for Functionalisation of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biological Targets
Chapter 6: Functionalisation of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Chapter 7: Removal of Blood-Borne Toxin in the Body Using Magnetic Nanospheres
Chapter 8: Magnetic Nanoparticles for In Vitro Biological and Medical Applications: An Overview
Chapter 9: Magnetic Nanoparticles in Immunoassays
Chapter 10: Magnetic Nanoparticles in Lab-on-a-Chip Devices
Chapter 11: Separation and Characterisation of Magnetic Particulate Materials
Chapter 12: Nanomagnetic Gene Transfection
Chapter 13: Imaging and Manipulating Magnetically Labelled Cells
Chapter 14: Non-lnvasive Magnetically Targeted tPA Delivery for Arterial Thrombolysis
Chapter 15: Blood Cells as Carriers for Magnetically Targeted Delivery of Drugs
Chapter 16: Putting Therapeutic Nanoparticles Where They Need to Go by Magnet Systems Design and Control
Chapter 17: Nanocrystalline Oxides in Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia
Chapter 18: Magnetic Liposomes and Hydrogels towards Cancer Therapy
Chapter 19: Magnetic Microbubbles
Chapter 20: Magnetic Particle Imaging for Angiography, Stem Cell Tracking, Cancer Imaging and Inflammation Imaging
Chapter 21: Surgical Magnetic Systems and Tracers for Cancer Staging
Chapter 22: Safety Considerations for Magnetic Nanoparticles
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