Martin E. P. Seligman - Learned Optimism - [Audiobook] (1991)

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Martin E. P. Seligman - Learned Optimism - [Audiobook] (1991)

Martin E. P. Seligman - Learned Optimism (1991)
Audiobook | Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio | ISBN: 9780671019112 | English | Narrador: Martin E. P. Seligman
Genre: Self-Improvement | MP3 128.00 kbps | Length: 01h | Total size 79.3 MB

Without knowing it, most of us impose limits on our achievement and our happiness by approaching life's problems and challenges with unnecessary pessimism. Now, Dr. Martin Seligman, a pioneer in cognitive psychology and motivational research, tells you how to identify your own self-defeating thought patterns – and how to harness the powers of your conscious mind to break those patterns.

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