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Master Photo Essentials 4 Volume Bundle!

Posted By: Free butterfly
Master Photo Essentials 4 Volume Bundle!

Master Photo Essentials 4 Volume Bundle! by Dan Eitreim
English | April 16, 2017 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B01EEHSCI6 | 300 pages | EPUB | 7.03 Mb

Here is a bundle of FOUR of my best selling e-books… all designed to help you Master Photo Essentials!

  • Master Photo Exposure!
  • Master Photo Aperture!
  • Master Photo Shutter Speed!
  • Photo Composition Mastery!

    Master Photo Exposure:

    Knowing how to get the best exposure in your photographs can be the difference between heart thumping, exciting, STUNNING images…and a big yawn!

    By the time you have finished this simple, easy to understand book, you will have a solid grasp of the 4 elements that make up a correctly exposed photograph.

    Here is a peek at the table of contents:
    Part 1:
    What The Professionals Do
    Shooting In Manual Mode
    Part 2:
    Exposure Defined - What Exactly IS Correct Exposure?
    18% Gray
    Photo Exercise 1:
    Part 3:
    The 4 Factors Of Correct Exposure
    ISO Speed:
    And more…

    Once you've finished this easy to understand course volume, you WILL have mastered photo exposure.

    Master Photo Shutter Speed:

    Using the incorrect shutter speed is by far one of the easiest and most common ways to destroy an otherwise stunning photo!

    By the time you've finished going through this easy course volume, you will know how to avoid blurry pictures due to camera shake - even without a tripod - plus you will discover the three primary ways to use shutter speed to show movement! What's more, you will instantly know which one is best for YOUR photo!

    Here is a quick look at the table of contents:
    Shutter Speed - Increased Creative Options:
    The Garden Hose
    How The System Came To Be
    Available Shutter Speeds
    Photo Exercise
    Advanced Study
    And more…

    You are only minutes away from mastering your camera's shutter speed! You'll never look back.

    Master Photo Aperture:

    Using the right aperture is vital if you want to put "SHAZAAM!" into your photos!

    Sure, it controls the amount of light getting into the camera and is a key to proper exposure, but it is SO much more! In fact, if you're creative at all, aperture will be your best friend… IF you know all the creative options that aperture settings bring to the table - and how to use them to get your creative vision out of your mind and into the camera.

    Understanding aperture tends to be one of the most difficult of photo concepts for many amateurs to "get." YOU are literally minutes away from understanding aperture as well as or better than most professionals.

    Check out the table of contents for this volume…
    The Aperture:
    Movement Or Static:
    The Sweet Spot:
    And more..

    Once you learn the creative magic in your aperture, all your friends are going to be bugging you to teach THEM how to get photos like YOURS!

    Photo Composition Mastery

    Artistic composition is where the rubber meets the road…it's the difference between a snapshot and a photograph you would be proud to hang on the wall!

    Here is the table of contents to show you a bit of what is covered:
    The Fastest Way To Master Your Camera
    Make Your Own Softboxes
    3 Steps to Stunning Photography!
    Elements Of Composition
    Composition Defined
    Framing Elements
    Cultural/Psychological Positioning
    Physical Positioning
    Visual Framing
    Shoot From A Unique Vantage Point
    Directing The Eye
    Leading Lines
    Horizontal, Vertical And Diagonal Leading Lines
    Photo Exercise 1
    The Rule Of Thirds
    The Bull's Eye
    The Power Points
    The Power Lines
    Breaking The Rules
    Photo Exercise 2
    Other Books By Dan Eitreim

    Between the text, illustrations and training exercises - these easy to understand e-books will have you comfortable with all the essential photo basics!

    Feel Free to contact me for book requests, informations or feedbacks.
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