Michael Grant - Who's Who in Classical Mythology

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Michael Grant - Who's Who in Classical Mythology

Michael Grant - Who's Who in Classical Mythology
Routledge | 2001 | ISBN: 0415260418 | Pages: 384 | PDF | 2.10 MB

The Greek and Roman myths are an indelible, indispensable, inescapable part of our
cultural background and heritage. They originated not according to some single, allexplaining
pattern—as is often sweepingly argued—but in a wide variety of different
ways and in response to a great many different social and pyschological needs. They
were invented to explain natural phenomena in a pre-scientific world, to elucidate sites
and rituals and names of which the original meaning had been lost, to justify customs and
institutions, to endow the gods with dramatic personalities and careers, to glorify nations
and tribes and families and hierarchies and priesthoods, to fill out early history by
inventive additions, to indulge wishful thinking by tales of adventure and heroism and,
sometimes, merely to amuse and entertain: to beguile the long hours of darkness, or the
tedium of a dusty journey, or a perilous tossing on the sea.

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Michael Grant - Who's Who in Classical Mythology

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