"New Trends in Electrical Vehicle Powertrains" ed. by Luis Romeral Martinez

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"New Trends in Electrical Vehicle Powertrains" ed. by Luis Romeral Martinez

"New Trends in Electrical Vehicle Powertrains" ed. by Luis Romeral Martinez
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789850223 9781789850222 1789850215 9781789850215 | 219 pages | PDF | 24 MB

The chapters in this book show a diversity of current and new developments in the electrification of the transport sector seen from the electric vehicle point of view: first, the related technologies with design, control and supervision, second, the powertrain electric motor efficiency and reliability and, third, the deployment issues regarding renewable sources integration and charging facilities. This is precisely the purpose of this book, that is, to contribute to the literature about current research and development activities related to new trends in electric vehicle power trains.

The electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle play a fundamental role in the forthcoming new paradigms of mobility and energy models. The electrification of the transport sector would lead to advantages in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but would also be a great opportunity for the introduction of renewable sources in the electricity sector.

1 Model Based System Design for Electric Vehicle Conversion
2 Motion Dynamics Control of Electric Vehicles
3 Adaptive Control for Estimating Insulation Resistance of High-Voltage Battery System in Electric Vehicles
4 Estimation Techniques for State of Charge in Battery Management Systems on Board of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Implemented in a Real-Time MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment
5 Worked Example of X-by-Wire Technology in Electric Vehicle: Braking and Steering
6 Reliable Design of PMaSynRM
7 Outer Rotor SRM Design for Electric Vehicle without Reducer via Speed-Up Evolutionary Algorithm
8 Lightweight High-Efficiency Power Train Propulsion with Axial-Flux Machines for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
9 The Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Use and Usability Problems of EV Workplace Charging Facilities
10 Electric Vehicles Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Mobility
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