Procedural Game Environment – Unreal Engine and Houdini

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Procedural Game Environment – Unreal Engine and Houdini

Procedural Game Environment – Unreal Engine and Houdini
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Welcome to the Procedural game environment class with Unreal Engine 4 and Houdini! This course is packed with expert insight, technical skills, secret tips, and the black arts of procedural environment design that will help you level up your environment design and art skills to a whole new level! All Packed into a compact 14 hours of content that would be impossible to get anywhere else.


In this course, we will create a professional, procedural game environment using state of the art tools and resources

Here are few of the main points we’ll cover in this course:

-Generate procedural terrain and lakes

– Detail landscape and generate layers masks

-Utilize Houdini Digital Assets to empower your workflow

-Create terrain materials from scratch

-Generate flowfields and bake them into flowmaps for real-time usage

-Populate huge worlds using procedurally scattered assets

-Light your scene and present it in the best possible way

The best way to describe this course is: become a one-man army. It’s not for beginners as I won’t cover the basics but if you’ve got a handle on artist tools then get strapped-in for quite the ride! There are no time-lapse sequences and no pre-planned segments. Students will be able to follow me live digging my way to the end. I’ll be showing and explaining every little step along the way, allowing you to follow along in real-time or watch at your leisure.

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