Robert J. Sweet - GPS for Mariners

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Robert J. Sweet - GPS for Mariners

Robert J. Sweet - GPS for Mariners
International Marine | 2003 | ISBN: 0071410759 | Pages: 176 | PDF | 3.55 MB

The manual you wish had come with your GPS receiver. "GPS for Mariners" summarizes essential global positioning system concepts, explains the buttons, screens, and menus of your GPS receiver, and answers all your questions. Filled with helpful illustrations and hands-on examples, this complete and practical guide shows you how to: become an informed GPS buyer and user; connect GPS to your computer, autopilot, and radar; navigate with GPS using waypoints and routes; use an electronic chartplotter or navigation software to plan and monitor your course; utilize the many functions in your GPS to safely and enjoyably reach your destination whether under sail or power; enhance your receiver's performance with WAAS, DGPS, and proper antenna placement; master advanced techniques.'A must-buy for both experienced and novice boaters who want to get the most from their GPS navigation systems' - Kenneth J. Cirillo, vice president, C-Map/USA. 'Great book! "GPS for Mariners" shows boaters how to use GPS with charts and even how to use digital charts for planning and navigating with your GPS' - Edward D. Markham, president, Maptech Inc. 'A must-read for anyone planning to navigate with GPS' - Robert P.David, past president, National Boating Federation, former national education officer, U.S. Power Squadrons.

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Robert J. Sweet - GPS for Mariners

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