Ronan Paddison - Handbook of Urban Studies

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Ronan Paddison - Handbook of Urban Studies

Ronan Paddison - Handbook of Urban Studies
Sage Publications | 2001 | ISBN: 080397695X | Pages: 512 | PDF | 8.79 MB

The Handbook of Urban Studies provides the first comprehensive up-to-date account of the urban condition, relevant to a wide readership from academics to researchers and policy-makers. It provides a theoretically and empirically informed account embracing all the different disciplines contributing to urban studies.

Leading authors identify key issues and questions and future trends for further research and present their findings so that, where appropriate, they are relevant to the needs of policymakers.

Using the city as a unifying structure, the Handbook of Urban Studies provides an holistic appreciation of urban structure and change, and of the theories by which we understand the structure, development and changing character of cities.

Cities and urban living dominate how our economies are spatially structured and restructured and how social life is experienced. Under conditions of accelerating globalization cities are the principal intermediaries through which economic growth is sustained and have long been the primary loci through which political control is maintained. Seven main sections deal with:

• Urban Analysis

• The City as Environment

• The City as People

• The City as Economy

• City as Organised Polity

• Power and Policy Disourses in Post-Modern Cities

• Cities in Transition

This major new work is a unique and indispensable resource for all professionals and researchers in urban studies, urban and town planning, social and cultural geography, and public administration, and essential reading for all those concerned with role of the city and urbanisation in the disciplines of politics, sociology and economics.

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Ronan Paddison - Handbook of Urban Studies

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