Spy Cam Seductions

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Spy Cam Seductions

Spy Cam Seductions
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Genre: Dating, Relationships, PickUp, Sex

Here is the VERY simple, “master-key” formula you can use to achieve virtually any goal you may have… especially if it involves getting better with women.

DVD Number 1: How To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere and spark attraction
- How to approach a woman so she sees you as a sexy guy who is successful with women
- How to harness your nervous energy
- The ancient karate secret every black belt knows about breaking boards
- How to approach a group of two girls and one guy
- The number one thing you have to remember to stop two girls walking past you in the daytime
- Why you never want to eliminate approach anxiety

DVD Number 2: How to turn women on and make them comfortable
- How you can do everything else right
- The one way you can save a set if you haven’t touched her properly
- What women know about communicating with their bodies that most guys don’t
- How Sean bearhugs a girl within seconds of meeting her
- How to approach women when they appear to be with their boyfriends
- How to overcome the most common objection men get when starting out
- How to approach a guy and a girl alone together at a bar
- Exactly what 'I have a boyfriend' means in 'girl-speak'
- The number one thing you do not want to do when you hear 'I have a boyfriend'
- Canned lines and routines you can use when you hear this objection

DVD Number 3: How to be a 'Natural' and attract women without canned lines
- How you can just 'be yourself' and still be the sexy, confident man she really wants
- How canned lines, stories, and routine stacks can actually kill the attraction a woman
- Why one of the worst things you can do when approaching women is focus on what you are going to say
- How to figure out whether you’re 'over-gaming' women with banter
- How to present who you really are and what you’re really passionate about
- The biggest mistakes guys make when they go out to 'wing' each other
- The essential 'wingman rules' you absolutely must follow
- How to take a girl you don’t know and make her your 'wingman' to help you get the girl you want
- How to let your wingman know which girl you want
- Why you never want to come into a set your wing is already in with high energy

DVD Number 4: How to read a Woman’s Body Language and know exactly what she’s thinking
- How you can tell if a woman is open to you by discovering how to identify this certain type of body language
- The power of 'calling it out'
- Why a woman will intentionally tell you one thing with her mouth
- The definite cues a woman will give you with her body that lets you know she’s not attracted or comfortable with you
- How to give girls the perfect personal space they want
- Why it’s actually easier to get girls attracted to you when you approach a large group of them
- How to not be obnoxious or too dominate when approaching a big group of girls
- A way to approach a bachelorette party or birthday party group of girls
- Easy ways to handle a big group

DVD Number 5: How to vibe with virtually any woman
- How to vibe with a group of girls
- The one time when banter can backfire on you and not attract the girl at all
- Why you should always go for 'the close' and get a woman’s phone number
- How to make absolutely sure you never get trapped in a boring logical conversation with a girl
- How to handle one of the most common questions a woman asks you
- What to do when you disagree with a woman
- The exact time when routines stacks
- How you can use vibing to make girls so comfortable
- How you can actually use too much banter and funny material and turn girls off

DVD Number 6: Daniel Johnson Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down
- How to approach a woman during the day time
- What to do when a woman starts to move away from you
- Exactly how to talk to women who don’t speak English very well
- How to 'touch a woman without touching her'
- How to point out when a woman is feeling like you’re 'playing her'
- How to give women the freedom to walk away

DVD Number 7: Sean Newman Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down
- How Sean uses the world’s 'lamest and simplest' opener to open the group of 4 girls
- How to do 'nice' things for girls
- How Sean handles a guy trying to get into his group
- How Sean expertly transitions into deep rapport with the girl he’s interested in

DVD Number 8: Lance Mason Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down
- What I do as I first approach the group
- Exactly what 'routines' I was using at the time
- How to get away with really aggressive and intimate touching
- How to sincerely compliment a woman without her losing attraction for you
- The number one way to make absolutely sure you never come across as boring
- The biggest mistake guys make when getting help from their wings
- How to isolate a girl from her group
- Why almost every guy Misuses powerful deep rapport techniques

Spy Cam Seductions

Spy Cam Seductions

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