"Space Science" ed. by Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta

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"Space Science" ed. by Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta

"Space Science" ed. by Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta
ITAE | 2012 | ISBN: 9535104233 9789535104230 953514989X 9789535149897 | 166 pages | PDF | 6 MB

This volume was built throughout a scientifically rigorous selection process of each contributed chapter.

The book structure drives the reader into a fascinating journey starting from the surface of our planet to reach a boundary where something lurks at the edge of the observable, light-emitting Universe, presenting four Sections running over a timely review on space exploration and the role being played by newcomer nations, an overview on Earth's early evolution during its long ancient ice age, a reanalysis of some aspects of satellites and planetary dynamics, to end up with intriguing discussions on recent advances in physics of cosmic microwave background radiation and cosmology.

Part 1 Space Exploration
1 How Newcomers will Participate in Space Exploration
Part 2 Evolution of the Earth
2 Geo magnetically Induced Currents as Ground Effects of Space Weather
3 Why Isn't the Earth Completely Covered in Water?
Part 3 Planetary Science
4 OrbFit Impact Solutions for Asteroids (99942) Apophis and (144898) 2004 VD17
5 Enigma of the Birth and Evolution of Solar Systems May be Solved by Invoking Planetary-Satellite Dynamics
6 Secular Evolution of Satellites by Tidal Effect
Part 4 Planetary Science
7 Systematics in WMAP and Other CMB Missions
8 Nonlinear Electrodynamics Effects on the Cosmic Microwave Background: Circular Polarization

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