Tai Chi: Exercises for the Workplace

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Tai Chi: Exercises for the Workplace

Tai Chi: Exercises for the Workplace
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Research has shown that efficiency in the office begins to slow during the afternoon. Stress levels tend to rise, and physical symptoms such as headache, stiff joints and aching back may appear. These are indications of the buildup of physical and mental fatigue which interferes with our ability to function efficiently. It is important that we break the cycle of stress so that we can continue to perform productively and safeguard our long term health. This is the time to take a few minutes to practise some simple and effective Tai Chi exercises. These sequences relieve both physical and mental stress. They not only ease muscle tiredness and joint stiffness, but also clear and refresh the mind. There is no need to leave the workplace as the exercises can be done at your desk. Some of them can be performed discreetly while sitting. When practised regularly, they will help to relieve and prevent work related stress such as, overuse injuries, back problems, stiffness in neck and shoulders, mental fatigue, poor circulation due to prolonged sitting, etc. Choose one of the exercise sequences we have designed. They will refresh your mind and body as they ease your tension and fatigue. The way to renewed energy, clearer thinking and greater productivity in the workplace is in your hands! Prevention is better than cure.

9 Exercise Sequences to Choose From:

Shoulder, Waist and Knee Sequence – 5 mins
Stretching Sequence – 8 mins
Neck, Wrist, Shoulder & Hip Sequence – 6 mins
Sequence for Digestive System – 6 mins
Strengthening Sequence – 5 mins
Joint Mobility Sequence – 5 mins
Back, Waist, Arm & Leg Stretch Sequence – 5 mins
Relaxation Sequence – 9 mins
Self Massage – 5 mins

Tai Chi: Exercises for the Workplace

Tai Chi: Exercises for the Workplace

Tai Chi: Exercises for the Workplace

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