Taekwondo Step Sparring (Repost)

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Taekwondo Step Sparring (Repost)

Sang H. Kim - Taekwondo Step Sparring
Turtle Press | 2010 | ISBN: 1934903213 | English | 160 pages | EPUB | 2.18 MB

Step sparring is a traditional form of drill training used by Taekwondo students to practice and perfect stances, blocks, strikes and kicks with a partner. In Taekwondo Step Sparring, Sang H. Kim progressively teaches you nearly 70 step sparring techniques, from beginner to black belt. <P> The step sparring techniques in Taekwondo Step Sparring incorporate dozens of strikes, blocks, stances, kicks and footwork in sparring and self-defense style partner applications. In addition to detailed instruction, Sang H. Kim shares training tips and mastery points to help you take your fundamental Taekwondo skills to their highest level. Each step sparring sequence is illustrated with clear photos including reverse views, close-ups and transition photos so you can perfect each skill. You ll also learn how to adapt blocks, strikes and kicks for step sparring applications and how to create your own step sparring techniques.
This is a comprehensive introduction to step sparring for Taekwondo students of all skill levels.
Learn: * What is Step Sparring? * How to Practice * Step Sparring Etiquette * Practice Progression * Beginner Techniques * Intermediate Techniques * Advanced Techniques * Skills Reference Guide * Variations * Training Tips * Mastery Points * Adaptations * Multiple Views * Teaching Step Sparring * Create Your Own Step Sparring.