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The Big Defreeze of the Universe: (Analogies & Thought Experiments)

Posted By: Free butterfly
The Big Defreeze of the Universe: (Analogies & Thought Experiments)

The Big Defreeze of the Universe: (Analogies & Thought Experiments) by Mohammad Hasan Algarhy
English | May 17, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09558S3XN | 230 pages | MOBI | 0.80 Mb

The Big Bang theory predicts that all matter, time, and space began at an incredibly tiny compact state about 13.7 Billion years ago. This initial state was a hot, dense, uniform “soup” of particles that filled space uniformly and was expanding rapidly.

The Big Defreeze suggests a set of analogies and thought experiments about how the universe could have started and the state that preceded the Big Bang and cosmic inflation.

One of the analogies used in the book is called the straight line, which suggests a one-dimensional representation of reality comparable to the two-dimensional representation used in the holographic principle. The straight-line analogy proposes the reason behind the first fluctuation before the Big Bang. Additionally, it implies the existence of three forces referred to as the imaginary complex forces explained in detail within this book.

The notebook thought experiment and the two-worlds interpretation are other concepts introduced in this book that propose a solution to quantum mechanics' measurement problem along with a different perspective for the many-worlds interpretation.

The book suggests many analogies and thought experiments dealing with the beginning of the universe, fine-tuning, the end of the universe, the many world interpretations, entanglement, and others, including the proposed testing methods for these ideas.

The book proposes a mathematical framework and notations to describe the ideas mentioned in the book, which will require further scientific research and validation along with all the concepts and analogies proposed. A different mathematical framework could be used as well.

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