The Principles of Aikido

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The Principles of Aikido

Mitsugi Saotome - The Principles of Aikido
Shambhala | 1989 | ISBN: 0877734097 | English | 233 pages | DjVu | 57.81 MB

Mitsugi Saotome—a principal student of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido—explains the philosophy and practice of the popular martial art, which emphasizes harmony and peaceful resolution of conflict. Over one thousand photographs illustrate the basic principles and techniques, including the use if the wooden sword, the wooden staff, and "empty hand" techniques. The reader is given guidance in the proper physical, mental, and spiritual attitudes with which to approach this practice and in ways to apply the wisdom of Aikido to everyday life. Also included are lectures by the founder himself.