The Super Dan Method of Free-Fighting: Taking Your Skills To The Next level

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The Super Dan Method of Free-Fighting: Taking Your Skills To The Next level

The Super Dan Method of Free-Fighting: Taking Your Skills To The Next level by Dan Anderson
English | November 22, 2018 | ASIN: B07KTFK7P8 | 256 pages | PDF | 36 MB

The Super Dan Method of Free-Fighting lays out the technology of free-fighting in an easy to learn and effective manner so that any student who applies this material can up their game immediately. Prof. Dan Anderson, a world champion and 10th Dan Black Belt, has spent 51 years refining his knowledge so that the average karate student can immediately impact their free-fighting ability and raise it to a whole new level.

*REVIEWS* "I'm well into this new publication by Dan Anderson and I highly recommend it! The package is a great value for the $! The Super Dan Method is like nothing you've read before. The language used (definition/terms)- alone - makes the purchase worth it! Not to mention the detailed description of sparring tactics, strategies, mindset, teaching techniques - and more (including sparring/fighting strategy and approach for aging martial artists). I will be putting "Super Dan's" wisdom to good use in my school beginning tomorrow. Just buy it - you won't be sorry!"

“With my Iain Abernethy seminar canceled for this weekend, I’ve spent the day reviewing Dan Anderson’s new book/dvd (note: DVD available only at combo “The Super Dan Method of Free-Fighting”. There is a ton of great info and it is something I strongly recommend to those looking to take their sparring to the next level.”
Danny S.

"I will just say this. I read this book so closely and absorbed all the material. I can honestly say this is the BEST BOOK I have ever read on how to improve your abilities to be a better fighter. I found that even though most of the book is focused on competition types of strategies, principles and concepts….it is so applicable to how these same types of things can carry over into improving our street application work. This book is awesome and I would have benefited greatly back in my fighting days, if I had something like this book and even the DVD's (note: DVD available only at to have learned from. It really is that good, that I fully intend on seeing that all my MMA fighters are made aware of it and consider buying one for themselves. I can say that just in reading this book, it has enlightened me to many things I found so easy to relate too and even some new stuff I had never given much thought too or a different way to look at things.

I endorse this book on several accounts, not just because Dan Anderson is a friend of mine and someone I emulated for most of my life, not just because he has earned the right to be considered one of the all time best fighters of his era….but because it really is that good of a book with that much great material being covered. If you are looking to spend some money to help improve your skills as a fighter….I recommend this book. The DVD's are real easy to follow and understand as well and tie in nicely with the material covered in the book. Everyone's personal library should have this in it."
Kirby Barker

"This is a book FULL OF The Best Fighting Master-Keys on the planet…written by Dan Anderson. Just his chapter on MONITORING-SECRETS is worth 10 years of training, trial and error, and hoping you are getting it right. He shows you step by step exactly what to do. With photos. With written explanations. Learning these secrets from him will help you save thousands and thousands of dollars… and years and years of futile effort. His book and DVD's are a "short-cut" to martial arts success.

I suggest STRONGLY that anyone who that trains in the martial arts … that wants to get better, faster, and smarter… quickly…GET HIS BOOK, and the accompanying 3 DVD's. Danny is a great-writer, and does some of the BEST explanations that I've ever seen. Clear. Logical. Easy to follow."
Dr. John La Tourrette