"Tunnel Engineering: Selected Topics" ed. by Michael Sakellariou

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"Tunnel Engineering: Selected Topics" ed. by Michael Sakellariou

"Tunnel Engineering: Selected Topics" ed. by Michael Sakellariou
ITExLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1789854660 9781789854664 1789854652 9781789854657 178985914X 9781789859140 | 270 pages | PDF | 46 MB

This volume presents a selection of chapters covering a wide range of tunneling engineering topics. The scope was to present reviews of established methods and new approaches in construction practice and in digital technology tools like building information modeling.

The book is divided in four sections dealing with geological aspects of tunneling, analysis and design, new challenges in tunnel construction, and tunneling in the digital era. Topics from site investigation and rock mass failure mechanisms, analysis and design approaches, and innovations in tunnel construction through digital tools are covered in 10 chapters. The references provided will be useful for further reading.

1.Engineering Geology and Tunnels
2.Advanced Geological Prediction
3.Topics of Analytical and Computational Methods in Tunnel Engineering
4.Impact of Tunnels and Underground Spaces on the Seismic Response of Overlying Structures
5.Designing a Tunnel
6.Transit-Oriented Development Interactions on Existing Metro Systems: The Need for the Design of Adequate Structural Monitoring System and the Experience from International Projects
7.Innovative Concepts in TBM Tunnels
8.Design of Immersed Tunnel and How We Research Submerged Floating Tunnel
9.Digital Construction Strategies and BIM in Railway Tunnelling Engineering
10.BIM and Advanced Computer-Based Tools for the Design and Construction of Underground Structures and Tunnels

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