"Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler" by Dr Zheng Lu, Hongji Yang

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"Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler" by Dr Zheng Lu, Hongji Yang

"Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler" by Dr Zheng Lu, Hongji Yang
CamUn Press | 2012 | ISBN: 0521198747 9780521198745 | 253 pages | PDF | 8 MB

For fast, easy modeling, this practical guide provides all the essential information you need to know. A wide range of topics is covered, including custom protocols, programming in C++, External Model Access (EMA) modeling, and co-simulation with external systems, giving you the guidance not provided in the OPNET documentation.

A set of high-level wrapper APIs is also included to simplify programming custom OPNET models, whether you are a newcomer to OPNET or an experienced user needing to model efficiently.
From the basic to the advanced, you’ll find topics are easy to follow with theory kept to a minimum, many practical tips and answers to frequently asked questions spread throughout the book, and numerous step-by-step case studies and real-world network scenarios included.

Part I: Preparation for OPNET Modeling
1 Introduction
2 Installation of OPNET Modeler and setting up environments
3 OPNET Modeler user interface
Part II: Modeling Custom Networksand Protocols
4 OPNET programming interfaces
5 Creating and simulating custom models using OPNET APIs
6 High-level wrapper APIs
7 Modeling with high-level wrapper APIs
Part III: Modeling and Modifying StandardNetworks and Protocols
8 Modeling wired networks with standard models
9 Modeling wireless networks with standard models
10 Modifying standard models
Part IV: OPNET Modeling Facilities
11 Debugging simulation
12 OPNET programming in C++
13 Traffic in OPNET simulation
14 External model access (EMA)
15 OPNET co-simulation with third-party programs
16 Model authoring and security
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