Working for Full Employment

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Working for Full Employment

John Philpott, "Working for Full Employment "
Publisher: Routledge | 1997-01-15 | ISBN 0415143470 | PDF | 239 pages | 2.0 MB

Working for Full Employment considers the feasibility of full employment in a modern market economy. It draws upon contributions from experienced labor market experts and public policy analysts who were pivotal in pushing full employment up the political agenda in the mid-1990s. Identifying the hard choices which policy makers must face, they examine the effects of new technology and increased trade, the increased participation of women in the labor market, the impact of labor market regulation on employment, how welfare reform can help the long-term unemployed into jobs, and reform of pay bargaining. The book's central arguments are also relevant to concepts of "social cohesion" and the "stakeholder economy" which are set to become dominant political themes in the next few years.

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