World Redlight Guide: Sex Tourism, Sin Cities, Escorts, etc.

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World Redlight Guide: Sex Tourism, Sin Cities, Escorts, etc.

World Redlight Guide: Sex Tourism, Sin Cities, Escorts, etc. by Tony Kelbrat
English | April 12, 2015 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B00W2GT1VY | 1712 pages | AZW3 | 1.52 MB

As a young man, I sought out sensual thrills and adventures. I wanted to touch the highs of life. I didn’t realize then as far as a social life goes, you only get one chance which is when you’re young because by the time you pass 35 or so, you’re considered a creep if you try to socialize at the usual fun spots that are all about young people unless you’re a musician, guru or rich. Even then, they still think you’re a creep that can be used for whatever money or status you got.

Older people go on cruises or join “activist/ religious” groups to socialize. They don’t fit into the party crowd open for adventure.

By the time the average guy or gal is middle-aged, they’re overweight and old-looking. They’re going to feel self-conscious walking around any festival, social event or night club.

This book is knowledge to help you get sensual thrills with real people regardless of age and looks as long as you got the money to pay for it. That’s the deal in a capitalist world.

Volume 1. Nightlife, Festival, Concert and Event Guide
Volume 2. Alcohol and Beverage Industry Guide
Volume 3. The Recreational Drug Lifestyle
Volume 4. Drug Tourism/ Go Somewhere to Use Drugs
Volume 5. Substance Abuse: Where to Get Help, Support and Treatment Worldwide
Volume 6. Sex and Drug Tourism, not Redlight
Volume 7. Sex-Adult Dating Guide: World’s Biggest Lists of Friends with Benefits Websites
Volume 8. World Sex Guide, not Redlight
Volume 9. World Porn Guide
Volume 10. British Love and Sex Guide
Volume 11. United Kingdom Redlight Guide
Volume 12. British BDSM Guide
Volume 13. Irish Love-Sex Guide
Volume 14. British-Irish Gay Guide
Volume 15. Canadian Love Info
Volume 16. Canada Sex Guide
Volume 17. Canada Redlight-Escort Guide
Volume 18. Canada Gay Guide
Volume 19. Australia Love-Sex Guide
Volume 20. Australia-New Zealand-Pacific Islands Gay Guide
Volume 21. New Zealand Love-Sex Guide
Volume 22. South Africa Love-Sex Guide
Volume 23. Redlight Guide
Volume 24. General World Redlight Guide
Volume 25. Escort Website Guide
Volume 26. Buying and Selling Live Sexual Arousal Online or on the Phone
Volume 27. United States Redlight-Sex Guide
Volume 28. Mexico Redlight-Sex Guide
Volume 29. Latin America Sex-Porn Websites by Country from the Defunct Website topsexweb
Volume 30. Caribbean Redlight Guide
Volume 31. Latin America Redlight Guide: Central and South America
Volume 32. Brazil Tourist-Nightlife Guide
Volume 33. Asia Sex Guide
Volume 34. Asia-Middle East Sex-Porn Websites from the Defunct Website
Volume 35. Asia Redlight Guide
Volume 36. Thailand Redlight Guide
Volume 37. Thailand Tourist Guide
Volume 38. Philippines Travel-Expat Guide, includes Nightlife
Volume 39. Europe Sex-Porn Websites from the Defunct Website
Volume 40. Europe Redlight Guide
Volume 41. Netherlands Travel Guide, includes Nightlife
Volume 42. Germany Redlight Guide
Volume 43. Africa Redlight Guide, not South Africa
Volume 44. Middle East Redlight Guide
Volume 45. Female Sex Romance Tourism
Volume 46. The Art of Exotic-Erotic Dance/ The Art of Striptease
Volume 47. The Stripjoint Business/ Working as a Stripper
Volume 48. A Straight List of Over 5500 Stripjoints/ Gentlemen Clubs Worldwide in Alphabetical Order, many with Websites
Volume 49. United States Stripjoints/ Gentlemen’s Clubs
Volume 50. Stripjoints/ Gentlemen Clubs around the World
Volume 51. Anti-Porn, Anti-Sex Work Activists
Volume 52. Pro-Sex Business Activists
Volume 53. GLBT World Pride Event Guide

Adult fun is:

doing recreational drugs for pleasure or enlightenment

going to social events and festivals like Burning Man

exploring sex and eroticism in general like going to strip joints, redlight districts and adult nightclubs

having paid sex with escorts where it’s legal

partying …