Blocking Spam & Spyware For Dummies

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Blocking Spam & Spyware For Dummies

Peter H. Gregory, Mike Simon | ISBN: 0-7645-7591-0 | Pages: 380 Pages

Fight back and save money with these expert tips
Find out what spam and spyware cost your company, and how to stop them

Whether yours is a one-person business or a multi-million dollar corporation, here's help giving spammers and spies the bum's rush. Two veterans of the spam wars help you analyze your situation, choose the right solutions, set up and maintain them, and even show the bean-counters why such defenses are essential.

Discover how to:
-Understand how spammers get addresses
-Calculate the cost of spam and spyware
-Re-engineer your business processes
-Select spam and spyware filters
-Manage implementation and maintenance

This book offers practical solutions for IS professionals fighting to keep spam out of corporate inboxes. Includes strategies for selecting, deploying, troubleshooting, and operating a spam filter, training and supporting users, and fighting reverse spam attacks like Joe Jobs attacks, which take advantage of a corporation's domain name to send unsolicited e-mails that appear to come from that corporation, resulting in angry e-mail users and customers and often defamation.